The Pink Fluid

13/06/2012 00:39

Glad You Came


Show, so you stink, you can smell clever and well,
Glue pies from rain.
Can`t chew sell a mean deal from a golf tee`s braille?
Ass miles from avail?
Show you stink, you can smell?
Hand hid we wet when you splayed, your hair Rose fur coats?
Heart cash for some sleeze?
Heart`s prayers for a cool sneeze?
Old gum farts for mange?
Hand hid shoe arrange, toe talk on, fart out the door, with a pleading nose for image?
I`m so glad, I`m so glad, that you came.
The most two assholes drowning in a pink stole, cheer after cheer,
Rubbing over some cold pubic mounds.
Water feud hound? Some different new tears.
So glad you came.


- The Pink Fluid


© Showy White