03/07/2012 04:43
Jewels and spunk, Jewels and spunk. Jessica Simpson in jewels and spunk.  
27/06/2012 05:58
Why did the idiot put the ice cream in its ear? Because the fool said it was its penis.  
27/06/2012 05:56
Why was the idiot unable to ride its bicycle?   Because the infantile had cut off its arms and legs.  
27/06/2012 05:52
`Dr Freud. What`s your opinion of the father-son relationship?`     `The asshole rejected him.`
27/06/2012 05:49
    A bucket of shit That doesn`t want to look at itself, And it can`t stand the smell. A woman can look at herself Because she`s beautiful, And vampires can`t be seen in the mirror; Or smell.    
27/06/2012 05:47
Can you open your legs, or shall I do it for you?  
25/06/2012 11:55
Chuffy`s got no nose. Yes, it`s Chuffy`s snow nose.  
25/06/2012 09:12
Puffy Snowflake, Puffy`s no flake. Puff hiss, Adder. But`s no wiser.        
25/06/2012 06:48
How do you play tonsil hockey? Through the hole under the eyes.  
24/06/2012 23:20
If you`re not defending yourself, you`re a coward, and if you attack someone you`re a coward.     Women with a penis are a species, and if they won`t defend it they`re cowards.    
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