19/11/2012 07:44
Snow wider  
19/11/2012 06:42
Heard Yer Video Cassette   D'yer lurk ass set with your coat so gay? D'yer lurk as Set at the break o' day? D'yer lurk Asset when she's far, far a-way? With their hounds and horns in the morning? - Duke Of `Larn`    
15/11/2012 04:55
`Hiss Head Hiss Head,` Boy Son said. I don`t care what poison said. Chop hiss head`s said off.  
13/11/2012 15:09
Gathping For Breathtth?   Yeth and I`m only Thixthteen    
06/11/2012 08:37
Knock knock!   `Who`s there?`   `Mean Ewan.`   `Mean Ewan who?`   `Between Mean Ewan the gatepost.`   `
06/11/2012 08:33
  `Ask not what you can do for your Hungary, ask what your hungry can do for you.`   - from Life`s Up Each by Barack For a Drink
05/11/2012 05:28
  Q. `How do you spell NATO Dan?`   D. `N.A.T.O.E.`  
29/10/2012 05:14
When is adore not a door?     When it`s sadder.
19/10/2012 08:42
Who`s going to suck my dick under the table?  
17/10/2012 00:36
That Snow White That`s my wife.  
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