27/12/2014 07:25

`I left my heart in San Francisco.`1

1 A popular song, written in the fall of 1953 in Brooklyn, New York, by George Cory (1920-1978) and Douglass Cross (1920-1975) and best known as the `B` side of singer Tony Bennett`s single release, `Once Upon A Time`. Robert the Bruce, first native king of Scotland, vowed to fight the Saracens on a crusade in the Holy Land but didn`t. After his death his heart was taken there but didn`t arrive. The legend is that the indomitable efforts of a spider spinning a web in a cave persuaded him not to give up the fight against the English for the throne of Scotland. Al-`Ankaboot is the spider that span a web before the cave in the `Al Kahf` of the Koran (18), which was sacred to Saladin, the leader of the Saracen Muslims, as the weaver of the illusion that kept the invader from penetrating the secrets of Islam.