06/12/2013 11:49
Troy Wooden acting. Outwardly.
04/12/2013 11:05
Pulling a few pints.
04/12/2013 09:17
Double blow and tuxedo. Tuck, see! Dough ...
03/12/2013 15:46
What about the vegetables? They`ll be having the same as me. Look! It`s a vegetable shaped like a woman`s thingy! No, it`s a woman`s thingy shaping up like a vegetable. What will those vegetables be having? The same. That`s Life!
30/11/2013 16:24
Thob penis.
30/11/2013 16:18
Kicking the hobbit because it was a half fling.
30/11/2013 10:27
  Chubby Chucker Come on puppet theatre, string your hands. Are you Hollywood? I'm gonna string my dong, it won't be long. We're gonna get pissed and it goes like this. Come on, get pissed again like we did last summer. Yeah, get pissed again like we did last year. Do...
30/11/2013 10:08
Nose Horrendous.
30/11/2013 10:02
Jeep Laughs.
27/11/2013 14:16
To and fro dough. The sting of the half fling.
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