05/11/2012 05:28
  Q. `How do you spell NATO Dan?`   D. `N.A.T.O.E.`  
29/10/2012 05:14
When is adore not a door?     When it`s sadder.
19/10/2012 08:42
Who`s going to suck my dick under the table?  
17/10/2012 00:36
That Snow White That`s my wife.  
06/10/2012 16:39
Tommy Cooper     Fezn`t
06/10/2012 10:01
Just nuts Rose, Tina `bi` an open fire, Chick Frost stripping To her toes. Yuletide Carol`s being hung by a wire, And fucks dressed up like Eskimos. Everybody knows a junky and some misled doe; Help to make the seas sun bright. Teeny hots eyes all log low, `We`ll find it hard to sleep...
06/10/2012 08:20
That`s no flake. That`s my wife.  
03/10/2012 06:26
Pastored standing outside the church.     Why doesn`t he go in?
28/09/2012 12:45
O` as some lad bin wi`you?        
27/09/2012 12:20
We're Knights of the Round Table, We fuck on it when able, We do nude scenes and ruder scenes With futwork impeccable. The tits are round in Come a lot, We suck on them and spunk a lot.     We`re Knights of the Round Table, Our balls are formidable, But many...
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